Galway Culture Night 2009: Venues and Public Transport Information

Venues are shown on this map, and listed below.

Venues marked with (*) are on the free bus route (details).

Regular public transport directions for all venues are available as shown below:

126 Gallery - city centre
* Atlantiquaria - popular place (search for "Atlantiquaria" on this page)
* Artspace / Artessence - popular place (search for "Liosbán" on this page)
Arus na Gael - Dominic St area
* Ballybane Library - Ballybane area
Charlie Byrne's Bookstore - city centre
Druid Theatre - city centre
Engage Art Studio - city centre
Forge Studios - Dominic St area
Galway Arts Centre - Dominic St area
Galway City Library - city centre
Galway City Museum - city centre
* Kenny Gallery - popular place
* Kiosk on the Prom - popular place (search for Leisureland on this page, the kiosk is close to it)
Lorg Printmakers - industrial estates (search for Ballybane on this page)
Macnas Workshop, Fisheries Field - Cathedral area
Mise Art Space, The Twelve, Barna - key location (search for "The Twelve" on this page)
* Norman Villa Gallery - popular place (search for "Norman Villa" on this page)
NUI Galway - key location (search for "NUIG" on this page)
St. Nicholas Church - city centre
St. Nicholas Parochial School - city centre
St. Patricks Bandroom - popular place
University Hospital - key location (search for "UCHG" on this page)
* White Room - key location (search for "Ballybane" on this page)
Westside Resourse Centre - Westside area