Public and private hospitals in Galway

This map shows the location (to within a few metres of the front-entrance) of all public and private hospitals in Galway city.

It does not include outpatient centres, respite care or nursing homes.


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Map key:

No:   Place How to get there
1 UHG University College Hospital Galway - main campus.
This is the main hospital in the city, and has the public accident and emergency (A&E / Casualty) service.
See the University neighbourhood map or Shantalla neighbourhood map
2 Merlin Park Regional Hospital:
This is the base for several departments of the University College hospitals. It does NOT have an Accident and Emergency department.
See the Merlin Park neighbourhood map
3 Galway Clinic
This private hospital includes a Accident and Urgent service, although it does not accept serious injury cases, and is open for limited hours. See their website for details.
See Roscam neighbourhood map 
4 Bon Secours HospitalThis private hospital does not have an accident and emergency unit. It is used for some after-hours GP services. See the Renmore neighbourhood map
5 Ballybane Day Hospital See the Ballybane neighbourhood map
6 Galway Hospice See the Renmore neighbourhood map