St Patrick's Bandroom / Band Hall

This map shows the location of Galway Band Hall, Frenchville Lane, Fairgreen, Galway, which is the base for St Patrick's Band Society.



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The band-hall is shown on the map with a green trombone symbol.

To get there

Go to Ceannt Station (aka Galway Railway Station / Galway Bus Station), just up from the south-east corner of Eyre Square.

Walk up the road past the station, and around the corner at the top. The Bandroom is on your right, and has a sign on the outside.


The closest car-parking building in behind Fairgreen House - there is an entrance to it just across from the Bandhall.   See Galway City Car Parks for other options.  Do not park in The Elms housing estate, because parking rules are actively enforced there.