Car Parks and Parking Buildings in Galway City

A map of public car parks (parking garages) in Galway city, including both on-street, street-level and multi-story / underground carparks.


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Id Carpark nameType
1 Black Box car park, Dyke RdStreet-level
2 Galway County Council staff carpark (open to the public at weekends only)Street-level
3 Greyhound Stadium carpark - College RdStreet-level
4 Q-Park - Railway /Radisson Carpark - note this is located behind the Coach Station, approx 1 block from the railway-station.Multi-storey
5 Fairgreen carpark (Euro Carparks)Multi-storey
6 Corrib Court Car ParkMulti-storey
7 Woodquay carparkStreet-level
8 Cathedral car parkStreet-level
9 Newtonsmith carparkStreet-level
10 Market St carparkStreet-level
11 Q-Park - Eyre Square Car ParkMulti-storey
12 Galway Harbour Car Park (Docks Car Park)Street-level
13 Harbour Hotel carparkMulti-storey
14 Hynes Yard Carpark (Park Rite)Multi-storey
15 Claddagh Car Parks (Jury's Inn)Multi-storey
16 St Patricks school car parkStreet-level
17 Mill St car parkStreet-level
20 Galmont (previously Radisson) Hotel car parkMulti-storey
22 Our Lady's College (Mercy Secondary School) carpark - weedends onlyStreet-level
23 Galway Harbour Contract car parkStreet-level

More car-parking information

Galway City Council has detailed information about the number of car-parks in each area, and about the prices for on-street parking and car-parks that it owns. Many multi-storey parking buildings are privately owned, so their fees are not displayed.

Many major facilities (hospital, university, institutes-of-technology, shopping centres, churches) have on-site car-parking for their staff, customers, students or visitors. These are not shown.

Not all on-street parking is controlled by the City Council.  Some areas - especially the Docks - are run privately, and charges apply at all times, including nights and right through the weekend.