Car Parks and Parking Buildings in Galway City

This page has a map of public car parks (parking garages) in Galway city, including both on-street, street-level and multi-story / underground carparks.

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1Black Box car park, Dyke RdStreet-level  
2Galway County Council staff carpark
(open to the public at weekends only)
3Greyhound Stadium carpark - College RdStreet-level
4Railway Station Carpark
(actually located behind the Coach Station, approx 1 block from the railway-station)
5Fairgreen carparkMulti-storey
6Corrib Court Car ParkMulti-storey
7Woodquay carparkStreet-level
8Cathedral car parkStreet-level
9Newtonsmith carparkStreet-level
10Market St carparkStreet-level
11Eyre Square Car ParkMulti-storey
12Galway Harbour Car Park (Docks Car Park)Street-level
13Harbour Hotel carparkMulti-storey
14Hynes Yard CarparkMulti-storey
15Claddagh Car Parks (Jury's Inn)Multi-storey
16St Patricks school car parkStreet-level
17Mill St car parkStreet-level
20Radisson Hotel car parkMulti-storey
22Mercy Secondary School carpark - weedends onlyStreet-level
23Galway Harbour Contract car parkStreet-level

Further car-parking information:

Galway City Council has detailed information about the number of car-parks in each area, and about the prices for on-street parking and car-parks that it owns. Many multi-storey parking buildings are privately owned, so their fees are not displayed.

Many major facilities (hospital, university, institutes-of-technology, shopping centres, churches) have on-site car-parking for their staff, customers, students or visitors. These are not shown unless parking is open to to the public, not just people using the facility.

Always read the parking information signs: not all on-street parking is controlled by the City Council.  Some areas (eg the Docks) are run privately, and private operators are very efficient at enforcing fines and/or clamping cars that are parked illegally.