Will the driver stop between bus-stops for me?

Bus drivers in Ireland are not supposed to pick up or set down passengers anywhere except at marked bus stops.

To get a licence to operate a bus-service, companies have to get the local gardai (police) to approve the bus-stop sites they intend to use.  This is to ensure that the stops are safe for passengers, and do not cause traffic disruptions.

If buses stop at places other than the agreed bus-stops, they are breaking the terms of their licences.   If you ask a bus-driver to stop at a place other than an approved bus-stop, you are asking them to break the law.

Some common-sense is applied, for example when a bus is diverted because of road works or some other hazard, it will generally stop at suitable places along the diversion route.

NB:  for regional buses, the approved bus stops are not necessarily the same for all companies, and some of the private company bus-stops are not marked with a sign).