How to catch the bus in Galway City

Catching a local bus in Galway City:

  1. Go to the correct bus stop (see for Main Bus Stops for central city stops), at the right time (see City Bus Details for route maps and timetable links)
    HINT:  it's a good idea to be at the bus-stop five minutes early, in case the bus-driver's watch is fast.
  2. If there are a lot of people waiting for the bus, they do not often do not all stand in a queue (ie a line).   Watch out for what order people arrive at the bus stop:  usually people get on in the order in which the arrived.   Or if it's a very large number of people, the ones closest to the door get in first.
  3. Get your fare or bus-ticket out before the bus arrives (see Fares for details)
  4. When you see the bus coming, you don't usually need to signal to the driver.  But it may be a good idea to do so if the bus-stop is used by several different buses or is not a popular one. To signal the driver, raise your arm in front of you.   Or, if the bus that is coming is not the one you want, shake your head.
  5. When the bus arrives, wait for any passengers who are getting off (Galway city buses only have one door)
  6. Get on to the bus and either show the driver your pass or all-day ticket or pay a cash fare.   To do this:
    On Bus √Čireann, give your fare to the bus driver and wait for him/her to give you a ticket OR
    On City Direct, put it in the box on your left.or show the driver your pass if you are using a weekly or monthly ticket or Travel Pass.
  7. Sit in any seat that is available - but leave the ones very close to the door for people who are elderly / disabled, or who have children in prams etc.   If the bus is a double-decker (ie has two storeys), then there will often be seats free upstairs.

How to get off the bus:

  1. Wait until the bus has gone past the stop before the one you want.
  2. Push the bell - usually a square red button on the poles in the middle of the bus, with one every two or three rows.
    Once the bell is pushed, a sign near the front of the bus usually lights up saying "bus stopping" - once this is lit, the bell does not need to be pushed again.
  3. When the bus reaches your stop, get off:   Some people stand up and walk to the door before the bus stops, so they can get off immediately.  But you should only do this if it is safe:  the bus is travelling fast, or your are unsteady on your feet for any reason, do not stand up until the bus has stopped.

If the driver accidentally misses your stop or starts to leave before you have reached the door, either call out or go up to him/her and remind him: don't just wait for the next stop, because it may be a long way away.

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