Frequently Asked Questions about
bus services in Galway City

This page answers some common questions about bus-services in Galway.   
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Who is responsible for public transport / public transit services in Galway?

How are bus-services in Galway organised?

How do I catch the bus in Galway?

What are the fare areas / zones?

Where can I buy an all-day bus ticket?h

How do Leap cards work in Galway? 

What destination signs do Galway buses show?

How are bus stops marked?  Which stop does each bus company use?

Will the driver stop between stops for me?

Why doesn't my bus-stop have a bus shelter?

How are school-bus services organised?

What is a QBC?   Does Galway have any?  (coming soon)

 Galway city or county?  (coming soon)

How can I complain about city bus services?  (coming soon)

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