Who is responsible for public transport / public transit services in Galway?

No one organisation is responsible for public transport in Galway, or any area in Ireland.

The Ministry of Transport is responsible for licensing commercially operated scheduled bus and ferry services.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) is responsible for
"securing the provision of public passenger land transport services. This includes the provision of subvented bus and rail services by Bus √Čireann, Dublin Bus and Irish Rail."
It is expected that the NTA will
"take over responsibility for the licensing of commercial bus services and the regulation of the small public service vehicle sector during 2010."

Galway City Council has a Transportation Unit. but its remit is limited to the City area.  Also, local councils are consulted when bus-services are licensed, but the do not run services, and decisions are made by the central agencies.

The unit is involved in a number of projects to improve the public-transport infrastructure in the city, and in planning for future services.

Local transport operators must obtain a licence for any public bus service that they want to run.  When this page was first written, there were allowed to provide public information about their services, but not required to do so.   More recent licences do require companies to provide public information.

GalwayTransport.info (GT.I ie this website) is a private initiative that aims to provide public information, for both residents and visitor, about public transport that is available in Galway. In general, it does not show information about planned changes until they are confirmed and have a clear start-date.