An Post Tuam Rd mail sorting & parcel collection centre (Ionad Poist na Gaillmhe - Galway Mails Centre)

This isa map and public-transport directions for An Posts' Galway parcel centre / depot. This area is not well served by public transport:  getting to it requires a 10-15 minute walk.

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Public Transport Directions

Catch the 405 - Ballybane bus.

Get off at either:
  • The Trappers Inn stop: this is the third stop after Liosb├ín estate, and is just after Riverside estate:   from here, walk up the Tuam Rd. Cross the road in both directions (ie north and east) at the traffic lights, and follow the main road (it veers slightly to the left). Keep going past the entrance to Ballybane industrial estate.
  • The Ballybrit Industrial estate - this is the last stop on the route.   From here, go back towards the traffic lights - but instead turn right into the top entrance of Ballybane Industrial estate.   Walk through the estate (shown in blue on the map), dropping down to the left at the end of the road.  When you reach the main-road intersection, turn right.

Keep walking past the North Park retail/industrial estate.

The An Post office is in the next small estate, which is called the City North complex.  It is at the top of the driveway, however the driveway entrance comes before the estate so keep an eye out for it.

Either way, this walk takes 10-15 minutes.   There is a footpath the whole way, and the traffic lights have made crossing the road safer.   The walk through Ballybane Industrial may be slightly shorter, but the bus takes longer to get there.

An alternative public transport option

Catch the 409-Parkmore or 401-Parkmore bus.

Get off at the last stop, which is just after the racecourse. Cross the roundabout, and continue to walk straight up Parkmore Road until you come to an intersection: this is the Tuam Rd. Turn left, and continue walking back towards the city until you reach the City North complex.

This walk is longer, but may suit people from some areas better.  However there is no footpath on this section of the Tuam road - it may not be a good area for pedestrians.

Some maps (including Google) show a road called "Ballybrit Cresent" going past the racecourse and down to Tuam Rd. However some parts of this road do not exist, so it is not an option for this trip

Hints for collecting parcels

  • Check An Post's card for information about getting your parcel re-delivered.   Often you can ask them to re-deliver items to an alternative address, but not to the same one.
  • Don't go to the sorting centre on the same day that you receive a card about having a parcel - because your parcel with still be out with your postie.
  • Take the card telling you about the parcel and photo ID with you.
  • There are no regular Post Office services here: you cannot post parcels or purchase stamps from this office.  However you can lodge franked or stamped mail, close-off time is 6pm.

Contacting the parcel depot

The phone number for the parcel centre is (091) 778 724

Or you can contact them via An Post's main Postal customer service number:
  • CallSave 1850 57 58 59 or 
  • 01-7057600

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wide industrial estate driveway, entrance to the Kenny Group Tuam Rd premises.
Entrance to City North complex.

Warehouse containing Ionad Poist Na Gaillmhe - Galway Mails Centre
Ionad Poist Na Gaillmhe - Galway Mails Centre