Internet cafes in Galway City

A map of internet cafes in Galway city centre.   

Many cafes, bars, etc provide free or low-cost wi-fi access.   However this map only shows places that provide computers for public use as well.

Location Map

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No Place
3 Chat and Net  (Previously Chat'r'Net and FoneNet)  - opening daytime hours only
4 Galway City Library
(free but time-limited access for library members only, a booking system is used.  This is the central city library - others in Westside, Ballybane and Oranmore also have internet access.)
5 Closed - previously Asylroom Internet Cafe   (downstairs foyer of the Escape Room
6 Closed - Previously Megabyte Computers
7 Closed - previously iSupply Flood St
8 No longer an internet cafe - previously XL Newsagents and internet cafe (upstairs)
9 iSupply - Sea Rd
10 Electronic Partners (upstairs, open shop-hours only)