ATM / Cash-machines in Galway city-center

This map shows ATMs (automatic-teller machines, also known as cash machines, Pass machines, money-machines) in Galway City Centre.  It also shows the position of the main bus and railway station, and the tourist office and kiosk. 

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Zoom in to the map to see more detail of the exact location: place-markers are correct to within a few metres of actual location or main entrance.

Number Name
1 Bank of Ireland (2 machines)
2 Corrib Court Shopping Centre
This AIB machine is inside a shopping centre, so accessible during shopping hours (9am - 7pm) only.
3 Ulster Bank - three machines
4 Permanent TSB Bank
5 AIB Bank This machine is in an foyer up a short flight of stairs:  it is open (approx) 8am - 7pm daily.
6 Eyre Square Shopping CentreThere are machines upstairs and downstairs near the supermarket entrance - accessible during shopping-hours only.
7 AIB Bank, Shop St
These machines are in a bank-lobby: they are open 9am - 6pm only.
8 Bank of Ireland - 2 machines
9 The Quays pub
This machine is inside the pub, on the ground floor, left hand side
T Galway Travel Centre:  Bus Éireann - Galway Bus Station / Galway Train station
B Galway Coach Station
i Tourist information office (and kiosk in Eyre Square)