Ballybrit neighbourhood map

Places-of-interest in the Ballybrit / Riverside area of Galway city, and public-transport information for the area.


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# Place
1 Ballybane Industrial Estate, Ballybrit entrance (previously called the Morris Roundabout entrance)
2 Ballybrit Industrial Estate  - See the site map for locations of individual businesses
3 Oldenway Industrial Estate and Ballybrit Upper Industrial Estate
4 New Life Centre AKA New Life Centre Church (New Life Center, GCF, Galway Christian Fellowship East)
5 East United AFC (soccer) clubhouse and pitch
6 Cregal Art Supplies
7 Eircom Building, Monivea Rd
8 IDA Small Enterprise Centre / Small Business Park
Harris House, Harr-mack House AKA Small Business Park, Harrmack House, Harr-Mack House:   Current tenants include Galway Primary Care (GP surgery), HERO / CCP RecruitmentComplete Laboratory Solutions (CLS)
Faustina Building - MKO Ltd
9 Riverside Commercial Estate AKA Riverside Industrial Estate, Riverside Business Park
10 Trappers Inn Pub and Restaurant (Previously Jacksons Pub / Jackson's Bar)
11 Ballybrit Business Park - previously considered to be part of Ballybrit Industrial Estate
12 City East Business Park - previously considered to be part of Ballybrit Industrial Estate
13 Kirby Engineering
14 Warehouse Gym
15 JumpLanes - trampolining and Ice-skating centre.    Previously Mangans Cash and Carry. 

Public Transport Information

For Trappers Inn, Riverside Commercial Estate and the IDA Small Enterprise Centre, catch the 405 - Ballybane bus:  this comes through Eyre Square from Rahoon.

The bus goes up Bohermore, past New Cemetery and then Townparks (on the right), and Liosbaun industrial estate (on the left).  There is one bus-stop just past Liosbaun estate.

For other locations,catch the 401 - Parkmore bus.  This bus goes along College Rd, past Wellpark and Mervue industrial estate.

There is a bus-stop at Monivea Park (just past the Eircom building), and Cregal Art is across the road.   Use this stop also for the Ballybrit Industrial Estate, Ballybrit Business Park, City East Business Park, and the Ballybrit entrance to the Ballybane Industrial Estate.

The 401 bus goes past Ballybane shops, goes through Castlepark and then turns right and goes to Briarhill shopping centre and then Parkmore Industrial Estate.

For the New Life Centre church and East United football club, and Oldenway industrial estate, either get off by Ballybane shops and walk along Monivea Rd, or get off at the first stop after the bus leaves Castelpark.

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Neighbouring areas

Castlegar  -- Parkmore  -- Ballybane -- Liosban -- Wellpark -- Old Mervue

Industrial estate layout maps

Ballybrit Industrial Estate -- Ballybrit Business Park -- City East Business Park

race-course grandstand with curved floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and antique cars parked outside