Ballybrit Business Park layout map

Ballybrit Business Park is near the entrance to the Ballybrit Industrial Estate.
The map shows the layout of the estate, and the map-key lists the major tenants in each building. 


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Map Key:

Number Place
1 TE Connectivity - previously Measurement Specialities
2 G4S Security
3 Unit 3 - Tenants include Arravasc (previously Cappella Medical Devices), QuickTec Computers, 4Tech Cardio
4 General Monitors
5 Unit 1 - Innovation House.
Tenants include: ICECube (previously InfoScience Software)
6 Kamrick Court - Phenox Ireland Ltd - GmbH
7 National Learning Network - Galway
8 NSAI Legal Metrology Service (LMS)
9 Hogan Hyundai Motors
10 Tony Burke Motors (Previously Tom Hogan motors)
11 Pedestrian access to Centra and Tony Burke Motors:
 This gateway is open during office hours only
12 Unit 2 Tenants include: Sertus Insurance, RSA Insurance, BT
13 Block 5 - Industrial Info Limited
14 Centra - Ballybrit (Tony Burke Motors) - includes a deli, and cash-machine (ATM)
15 Supermacs Head Office and Distribution Centre

  • Vehicle road access to Tony Burke Motors (10) and Ballybrit Centra (14) is from the dual carriageway (Bothar na dTreabh).   
  • Pedestrian access to these buildings is from the main road into the estate, via the gateway at (11).
  • Vehicle access to all other buildings in the estate is from the main access road, not the dual carriageway.

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