Roundabouts in Galway

Current and removed-but-remembered roundabouts in the Galway metropolitan area.


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Map Key

Number Place Local information:
1 Blake Roundabout See the Knocknacarra neighbourhood map
2 Athy Roundabout See the Knocknacarra neighbourhood map
3 unnamed roundabout See the Knocknacarra neighbourhood map
4 unnamed roundabout
Known locally as the B&Q roundabout
See the Knocknacarra neighbourhood map
5 Deane Roundabout
Known locally as the Fort Lorenzo roundabout
See the Knocknacarra neighbourhood map:
6 unnamed roundabout See the Upper Salthill neighbourhood map
7 Browne Roundabout
known as the "back of the hospital roundabout"
See the Westside or Newcastle area maps
8 Bodkin Roundabout - removed late 2013
Sometimes known as the "Magic Roundabout"
See the Terryland neighbourhood map
9 Kirwan Roundabout
known as the Menlo roundabout
See the Terryland neighbourhood map
10 Joyce Roundabout See the Liosbán / Bohermore neighbourhood map
11 Moneenageshia junction / cross
 - Previously the fFrench Roundabout
See the Wellpark neighbourhood map
12 Font Roundabout - removed early 2013
known as the Tuam Rd or  Ballybane roundabout
See the Ballybrit neighbourhood  map
13 Morris Roundabout - removed early 2013
also known as the Ballybrit roundabout, Boston roundabout, HP roundabout, Digital roundabout
See the Ballybrit neighbourhood  map
14 Skerritt Roundabout - removed early 2013, now known as the Tuam Rd intersectionSee the Ballybane, New Mervue, Merlin Park or Renmore neighbourhood maps
15 Briarhill cross / junction - previously the Lynch Roundabout See the Doughiska / Briarhill neighbourhood map
16 Coolagh Roundabout See the Doughiska / Briarhill neighbourhood map
17 Martin Roundabout See the Roscam neighbourhood map
18 un-named roundabout See the Oranmore neighbourhood map
19 un-named roundabout See the Oranmore neighbourhood map

About this map and Galway's roundabouts

Galway city started naming roundabouts (rotaries) after the Tribes of Galway early in the 21st century. These names are commonly used in directions to places in the city.

However in 2011, the city started a programme to replace some roundabouts with signal-controlled junctions and an intelligent lights control system, and Google maps road-names are being updated to reflect this.

This map documents the roundabout names as they were in 2011, to help make sense of existing "how to get to" directions.