Parkmore West Business and Technology Park

Major businesses and facilities in the Parkmore Business and Techology Park - West, in Galway City, Ireland. The area is also known as: Parkmore Industrial Estate, Parkmore Business and Technology Park - West, Parkmore Estate,IDA Business Park Parkmore

Placemarks are correct to within a few metres, and have been confirmed by visiting the estate.


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Map Key

Number Place
1 Electronic Arts (EA) / BioWare
2 Medtronic Building 3
3 Merit Medical
4 Medtronic Building 1
5 Integer - previously called Lake Region Medical, Brivant Medical
6 Unicom Engineering
Genband.  Previously Multis
7 Medtronic - Building 2, and Customer Innovation Centre 
8 Rehab Recycle
9 Advant Medical - previously known as Contech Medical International (Ireland)
10 Creganna - building 1.  Previously known as Creganna-Tactx.
11 Creganna - building 2
12 Creganna - building 3
13 Metal Improvement Company / Curtiss Wright / Paraylene
14 M & M Qualtech - Aerogen, Vivasure Medical
15 Medtronic Building 4
16 Celestica Building 1
17 Celestica Building 2
18 Atlantic Theraputics - previously called Bio-Medical Research (BMR)
19 QSet
20 BSM
21 Source and Supply Logistics (SSL)
22 P and O Maritime
23 Source and Supply Logistics (SSL) - warehouse
24 Caragh Precision

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Medtronic Building 1, Parkmore West Business and Technology Park