What destination signs do Galway city buses show?

City to suburbs:
When a Galway city bus is travelling from Eyre Square out to the suburbs, it has signs that show the route number, and the route-name.

The signs may be at the top-centre of the windscreen in a special display box, or they may be printed cards which are manually placed in the front window.

The route-name may be in English and Irish, or alternate between English and Irish every few seconds.

Suburbs to city:
When a Galway city bus is travelling from the suburbs back towards Eyre Square, it may show any of these as the route number:
  • 0
  • the route number it is travelling along
  • the route number for the "through route" service that it will operate next, 
and any one of these as the destination:  
  • Eyre Square / An Faiche Mhór  An Faiche Mhor
  • Town Centre / Lár Baile   Lar Baile
  • City Centre / An Lár    An Lar
  • the route name of the suburb is it coming back from
  • route name for the "through route" service that it will operate next.
The range of destination signs can make it confusing to work out where a particular bus is heading to:  if you are in any doubt, ask the bus driver.

Other options:
There are a range of other destination signs that may also be used including the following (English and Irish translations shown):
  • Out of service /  As Seirbhís   Serbhis   
    (ie not currently operating for passengers)

  • Park and Ride /  Fág an Carr - Tóg an Bus   (fag an carr - tog an bus)
    (for buses operating a dedicated park-and-ride service, with limited stops between the pick-up point and the destination)

  • School Bus / Bus Schoile