How are bus stops marked?

Bus stops in Galway are marked with road markings (generally a box painted on the road in white, with the word "Bus" painted inside it), and with a sign.  The sign is either attached to a bus shelter, or to a convenient lamppost or building.   Most signs are at right angles to the road, but a few are parallel, making them hard to spot for passengers and bus-drivers alike.

Bus stop signs used in Galway City include:

This bus-stop sign is for City Direct bus stops.

This bus-stop sign is for Bus Eireann services at Eyre Square - one side of the sign shows the destination in English, the other side shows it in Irish.

This bus-stop sign is for Bus Eireann, except for ones in Eyre Square. (coming soon)

This sign is placed by the Galway City Council.

What companies use each type of stop
In general, city buses will use any marked bus-stop on their route, no matter which type of sign is at it.  There are some exceptions in the Knocknacarra area, where Bus Eireann and City Direct buses do not use each others stops.