Route, Theme, Neighbourhood and Location Maps

Route Maps

These maps show the routes taken by specific buses.   There are two types of route map:

Summary maps - show the approximate route, relative to other routes. 

Detail maps show routes in detail, and are correct to within a few metres.

Theme Maps

These maps show all locations in the Galway metropolitan area where a particular type of "thing" is found.   Theme maps so far are:

Location Maps

These show the layout of buildings (etc) within a particular location.  For example, the Rail/Bus station map shows the location ticket offices and numbered bus stops at Ceannt Station, while layout maps for the industrial estates show the main buildings and tenants in each one.

A full list of location maps is available on the Site Maps page.

Neighbourhood maps

These show the major landmarks and public facilites in an area, and where they are located relative to public transport links.

A full list is available on the Neighbourhood maps page.

Mapping Tools

The Street Maps page lists other on-line and hard-copy maps that may be useful for people finding their way in Galway.