Galway Street Maps

Paper-based maps:

A small tourist map of the city centre (east of the Corrib) is available free from the Tourist Office (shown with a green "I" on this map - which also shows the main Eyre Square bus-stops)

Galway Street Map is a fold-out Ordinance Survey map of the city streets. 

The Complete Road Atlas of Ireland: An Tsuirbhaeireacht Ordanaais Atlas Baoithre Na HaEireann Eolai Don Tiomaanaai has a summary level map of the whole city and surrounding area (Oranmore, Castlegar Menlough, Tonabrocky, Barna) and detailed maps of the regional roads.  It does not have a detailed map of the city streets.


On-line Maps:

Google maps

Maps on are created in Google maps.

Features: search by street or place name, mark places of interest, create custom maps, include other people's places in your map, measure distances, draw shapes etc.

Issues:  The River Corrib isn't shown in street-map view (at 20 Jan 10).   A few suburban street names are wrong or missing, and some roads that don't exist are shown.   Street-data-quality is controlled by Google's data-providers, and it is possible to report problems and get them fixed (search on the Google-maps site for details).

Open Street Map

This is an initiative to "create[] and provide[] free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. The project was started because most maps ... have legal or technical restrictions on their use". Data comes from "public domain or open licensed sources", or volunteers who map areas using GPS devices and load it.

It has a very high level of detail for Galway City, including pedestrian paths and laneways which are not on Google or Yahoo maps (eg Terryland Forest Park walkways, paths through the middle of Eyre Square and pedestrian paths around the NUIG Newcastle campus, walkways around Barna Woods). And for most road junctions / intersections which are traffic light controlled, you can see a traffic light symbol if you zoom in enough).

Smaller towns eg Athenry, Ballinasloe, Tuam, aren’t mapped to the same high level of detail as Galway City. Hopefully someone will map those soon.

Yahoo Maps

Doesn't (yet) have all the functions of Google.  Does show the Corrib and maps generally look good. Data quality not yet assessed.


Yet another system. Doesn't show the Corrib, and has Pearse Stadium in totally the wrong place. But overall data-quality is reported to be good.

Galway City Council mapping tools

The council provides these maps for areas within the City boundaries.  Some only work with Internet Explorer.
  • Street Index - the official list of gazetted street names
  •  Map Zone - a list of various maps
  • City Map Guide - a very detailed set of maps, mainly used for planning work.


Galway County Council Public Mapping System

This does not have a street name search and covers the County area only. Works with Internet Explorer only: may need to install some extra utilities to use the system (their page has details)