Ballybane Industrial Estate layout map

This site map of Ballybane Industrial Estate includes Glenrock Business Park, Royal Rock Industrial Estate, Ballybanebeg Industrial Estate, and the North Point complex.  Some significant landmarks and businesses just outside the estate are also shown.

The key below the map lists building names, long-standing tenants, and places of significant public interest, or which are useful for finding your way around the estate.

This page does not list all businesses in the estate.

Ballybane Enterprise Centre is not in this estate.  It is on the Ballybane Neighbourhood map.


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No:   Place
1 ESB Ballybane Substation 
2 Outback Jacks, Wardrobe Elegance, Garry's Cycles, Bike Tech Motorcycles
3 Flaherty Markets + The Lighthouse
4 B&C Paint Centre, Eastern Electrical, Leahy Engineering
5 Frank Fahey, TD  
6 unknown
7 Royal Rock Business Park / Industrial Estate: Royal Rock cafe, Western Windscreens, McCambridges,  Not New Trading, Calvary Pentecostal Ministries
8 McDonoghs Hardware / Building Supplies
9 Previously:  The Fisherman factory shop / Duanes Seafoods
10 JW Flooring
11 unknown
12 unknown
13 unknown
14 Previously Abbastanza Coffee Shop
15 Post box (ie street-receiver - cleared at 4pm daily, Mon-Fri)
16 iSupply
17 Glenrock House
18 Glenrock Business Park - Block B - Units 7-19 - O'Connell House. Tenants include:  Conneally Painting Contractors,   Galway Stationery
19 Downey House
20 Glenrock Business Park - Block D - Units 31-44
21 Glenrock Business Park - Block C - Units 20-30 - Orchard House
22 Olympic Physique
23 to be advised
24 Glenrock Business Park - Block A: Peter Curran Electrical and CityLites
25 Total Produce, Fyffes, West Veg,Previously Mary's Fish - now moved to Ballybrit Upper Business Park (was Chef's Choice Fish Wholesalers)
26 to be advised
27 Previously DPD Couriers - now moved to 56 on this map
28 Unknown
29 Austom
30 Michael Cawe Suspended Ceilings
31 Martyn's Fuels
32 Walsh's Heating and Plumbing
33 Cauifield Industrial - retail outlet
34 unknown
35 Rocca Tiles
36 unknown
37 unknown
38 Findlay Kitchens, Sasha Auto, Compass Security
39 North Point Centre Tenants include: Sirius Business Centre (services offices), Door Depot
40 KD Autoparts
41 unknown
42 Sally Salon Services
43 Advance Pitstop
44 Kevin Farrell Tyres
45 Grant Stainless
46 Select Blinds
47 Galway Rehearsal Studios, Alex Loums Motor Body Repairs, previously Galway Music Academy
48 unknown
49 Galway City Council Dog Pound
50 unknown
51 AWP Engineering, Spectrum Tooling
52 Breathnach Engineering
53 unknown
54 His and Hers Recreational Co-operative Society
55 unknown
56 DPD Galway courier depot

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