City East Business Park - layout map

City East Business Park is on the slip-road between Ballybrit Industrial Estate and the dual-carriageway (Bothar na dTreabh - the N6).  This map shows the layout of the estate.  The map-key lists building-names and the  major tenants in each building. 


Map Key

Number Place
1 Block 1: Cruinniú (previously Yaya's) cafe / restaurant, SGS Driver Testing Centre, Taxi Regulator Vehicle Licensing Centre, National Drivers License Service (NDLS)
2 Block 2: Graham Technology, United Language Group (previously Merril Brink International)
3 Block3: Corporate House. Galway County Council /NRA National Roads Authority Design Office, Nestor Kelly Consulting Civil and Structural Engineering, / j2 Global, First Travel Management, Business Events and Management Limited, Enterprise Equity
4 Block 4: APC
5 Block 5: previously Lionbridge
6 Block 6: Gordon Mitchell House
7 Block 7 / 8 / 8a: APC by Schneider Electric- reception
8 Block 9: APC
9 Block 10:
10 Block 11: Unitherm Heating Systems, Cletrak

Public transport and access information

The 401-Parkmore bus route goes past but not into the estate:  while the 405- Ballybane bus goes into Ballybrit Industrial Estate. See the Ballybrit neighbourhood map for route details and bus-stops.

  • Vehicle and pedestrian entrance into all buildings in this estate is from the main road into Ballybrit Industrial Estate.
  • Vehicles can exit either through the main estate road, or onto the dual carriageway

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