Ballybrit (Horizon) Business Park layout map

Ballybrit Business Park is near the entrance to the Ballybrit Industrial Estate.   It is sometimes called Horizon Business Park.

The map shows the layout of the estate, and the map-key lists the major tenants in each building. 


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Map Key

Number Place
1 TE Connectivity - previously Measurement Specialities
2 G4S Security
3 Unit 3 - QuickTec Computers,ICS Medical Devices, Mezz Medical.
Previous tenants include Arravasc  / Cappella Medical Devices, 4Tech Cardio
4 General Monitors
5 Unit 1 - Innovation House.
Tenants include: ICECube (previously InfoScience Software), Intuity / TecSupport
6 Kamrick Court.  Phenox Ireland Ltd 
7 National Learning Network - Galway
8 NSAI Legal Metrology Service (LMS)
9 Hogan Hyundai Motors
10 Tony Burke Motors (Previously Tom Hogan motors)
11 Pedestrian access to Centra and Tony Burke Motors:
 This gateway is open during office hours only
12 Unit 2 Tenants include: Sertus Insurance, RSA Insurance, BT
13 Block 5 - Industrial Info Limited
14 Centra - Ballybrit (Tony Burke Motors) - includes a deli, and cash-machine (ATM)
15 Supermacs Head Office and Distribution Centre

  • Vehicle road access to Tony Burke Motors (10) and Ballybrit Centra (14) is from the dual carriageway (Bothar na dTreabh).   
  • Pedestrian access to these buildings is from the main road into the estate, via the gateway at (11).
  • Vehicle access to all other buildings in the estate is from the main access road, not the dual carriageway.

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