Left Luggage services in Galway

Information about luggage-lockers and left-luggage facilities in or near Galway bus and train station.

Luggage-storage facilities which are available 

Private Coach Station / Arás Cóistí

  • There are  luggage lockers at the bus station which private bus companies use:  they are located to the right of the information desk.

Big-O Taxi Office

  • The Big-O taxi-office in Eyre Square (place-mark 5 on this taxi-services map) is open 24 hours, 7 days.  It is approximately 5 minutes walk from the railway & bus station, 7 minutes walk from the private coach station.   Left-luggage services were suspended in March 2020, and have not been re-instated.

Forster Street Turkish Barbers

Opposite the Coach Station - offering a booked service during the hours they are open (roughly 10am - 7pm).  Read more.

Left-luggage storage services which are no longer available

There was a left-luggage service room in Ceannt Station / Galway Railway Station, but this is no longer open.

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