Hospitals in Galway

This map shows the location (to within a few metres of the front-entrance) of all public and private hospitals in Galway city.

It does not include outpatient centres, respite care or nursing homes.


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Map key

No:   Place How to get there
1 UHG University Hospital Galway
(Also known as Galway Regional Hospital)
This is the main hospital in the city, and has the public accident and emergency (A&E / Casualty) service.
See the University neighbourhood map or Shantalla neighbourhood map
2 Merlin Park Hospital   -   site map for this hospital
(Previously known as Merlin Regional Hospital).
This is the base for several departments of the University College hospitals. It does not have an Accident and Emergency department.    
See the Merlin Park neighbourhood map
3 Galway Clinic
This private hospital includes a Accident and Urgent service, although it does not accept serious injury cases, and is open for limited hours. See their website for details.
See Roscam neighbourhood map 
4 Bon Secours Hospital
This private hospital does not have an accident and emergency unit. It is used for some after-hours GP services.
See the Renmore neighbourhood map
5 La Nua, Ballybane Day Phychiatric Hospital See the Ballybane neighbourhood map
6 Galway Hospice See the Renmore neighbourhood map

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