Castlegar / An Caisleán Gearr neighbourhood map

Places of interest and public transport information in the Castlegar area of Galway City.   This map includes current facilities, and historic sites which are of current interest.


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Area name - neighbourhood map link:
1 Roadstone Galway - retail and quarry
2 Ballybrit Racecourse - Tuam Rd entrance
3 City North Business Park - tenants include An Post Galway parcel depot, Kenny Galway
4 Castlegar Townland Graveyard
5 Saint Cholmcille National School - Castlegar National School and Beoga Pre-school
6 Castlegar Village Castle
7 An Post mail / post box / street receiver
8 Castlegar Republican Monument / IRA Civil War Memorial
9 Previously Leaders shop / convenience store
10 Castlegar grotto
11 Castlegar Church - Saint Columba's Church - Roman Catholic
12 An Pairc Mor lane - Pedestrian access to Ballybrit industrial estate
13 The Galway Plate Restaurant
14 Monaghans Garage and business park
15 Supermac's Tuam Rd
16 GTP Industrial Estate - tenants include Galway Tool and Plant Hire
17 Castlegar Nursing Home and Residential Care Centre / Caiseal Geal Teach Altranais

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Public transport information

Bus Éireann route 405 - Ballybane buses run from Rahoon, via Eyre Square and end outside the Hewlett Packard office in Ballybrit industrial estate, a short walk from the pedestrian access to the top of An Pairc Mor lane.

Burkes buses to Tuam (427) run along Tuam Rd, and have an unmarked stop near the road up to Castlegar church.

Bus Éireann route 407 - Bothar an Chóiste runs along the Headford Rd, and terminates at the top of Bothar an Chóiste. There is access to School Rd, which runs through Castlegar Village, from beside the neighbourhood shops.

About Castlegar

The historic parish of Castlegar covered a large area from Menlo on the banks of Lough Corrib through in arc around the east side of present-day Galway City to the coast at Roscam.

Today, Castlegar village is a small area between the Tuam and Headford Roads. This neighbourhood map focuses on places on interest around this, not including places which are covered by either the Ballybane Industrial Estate Layout map (south west), or the Ballinfoyle / Bothar an Chóiste Neighbourhood map (to the north).

exterior of an Irish national school in the countryside outside Galway city
Castlegar National School, 2014