Knock village neighbourhood map

Places of interest and public transport information for the village of Knock, in the south of County Mayo.  Knock Shrine is at the centre of the village.   This map shows facilities in the village around the shrine.


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Map key

1Belmont Hotel
2Queen of Peace Nursing Home
3Caravan and camping park
4Bus stop - caravan and camping park
5Petrol station
6Marian Funeral Home
7Kiltegan House - St Patrick's Missionary Society
8Shrine View Guest House and Café
9SMG Convent
10Mayo Roscommon Hospice
14Knock Museum
15Carpark entrance
16The Thatch Bar
17School parking area
18Knock National School (primary school)
19Knock House Hotel
20Knock Shrine - see here for a layout map of places in the shrine grounds
21St Mary's Hostel - former Daughters of Charity convent
22Bowes Ryan Cafe
23Town square
24Market stalls
25Auberge of Knock - St John Paul II House - Order of Malta
26Bus / coach park
27Children's playground
29West carpark
30Public toilets
31The International Hostel
321798 Memorial cross
33Coleman's bus stop southbound - outside the previous Coleman's pub/restaurant
34Coleman's Bus stop northbound - opposite the previous Coleman's pub/restaurant
35Forde's Restaurant (previously called 4 D's)
36Post Office / Henegan's Costcutter supermarket:  the only ATM (PASS machine, money machine) in the village is located inside the supermarket
37Knock shrine coach park entrance
38Ballyhaunis Rd Bus stop 
39Knock Garda Station
40Lennon's bus stop - Bus Feda north and southbound
41Lennon Cafe
42Fatima House
43St Theresa Little Way Association Pilgrimage Centre
44Carty's Bar and Lounge
45Community Centre
46Western Hydraulics
47KPS Colour Print | KPS Packaging
48Westdoc medical centre
49Water treatment plant
50Kiltimagh Knock United football club

Public Transport Information


The bus-stops in Knock village are:
  • Outside Colemans - this is in Main Street at the north end of a the village, outside  Fordes restaurant:  The pub called Colemans is now closed
  • Opposite Colemans - this is in Main Street at the north end of a the village, across the road from Fordes restaurant:  The pub called Colemans is now closed.  This stop has a bus-shelter.
  • Outside Lennons:  this is outside the cafe (now apparently closed) that is beside the garda-station at the north end of the village.   It does not have a bus-stop sign, or a shelter.
  • Outside the Caravan / Camping park - this stop is at the south end of the village, and includes a bus-shelter.
  • Opposite the Caravan / Camping park - this stop at the south end of the village does not have a bus-stop sign, or a shelter.

The bus routes which travel via Knock village are:
  • Bus Eireann route 64 Galway / Sligo /Derry - via Knock Airport:  these buses stop either at / opposite Colemans in Main Street , or around the corner at the stop on Ballyhaunis Road.   Check the timetable to see which one each particular time bus stops at.
  • Bus Eireann 440 - Athlone / Westport Achill:   these buses stop at both the north (Colemans) and south (camping and carivan park) bus-stops
  • Bus Eireann route 421 Swinford - Kiltimagh - Claremorris:   these buses stop at the north end of the village outsisde/opposite Colemans. 

    Note:   this is a new bus service from July 23018, and links with other services at Swinford and Claremorris.   It replaces the route 52 buses which previoiusly stopped at Knock
  • Bus Éireann Route 442, Charlestown - Castlebar - Carnacon - Roundfort - stops at Colemans


There is no taxi-office in the village , but taxi services in the area include:
  • Brendan Conwell - 087 2941227
  • Henry McNulty  087 2531720
  • John Burke phone 086 8726551
  • John Henry   087 2513363
  • OK Cabs & Bus Hire   087 6396666
  • Seán McCann   087 2513370
  • Vincent Cafferty  087 2328311


There are no railway services to Knock village.

The nearest railway stations are in Claremorris (31 km) or Ballyhaunis (22km).  Both of these are on the Dublin Heuston – Westport line.

Brendan Conwell - 087 2941227 runs a shuttle service to Claremorris Railway Statiion.

Knock Airport / Ireland West Airport

The airport is located appproximately 20km north of Knock village, near the town of Charalestown.  Bus Eireann's route 64 bus runs between Knock village and Knock airport.

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whitle church with dominent spire, and an elevated viewing box where the Pope addressed the crowd in 1979
Knock Basillica

Bus Feda bus stop, outside Lennon's Cafe

1798 memorial cross

Market square trading area