Travelling between Galway and Killarney

In previous years, CityLink have run a twice-daily express coach service between Galway City and Killarney.

However they have advised that they will not be running this service in 2016.

All public transport options from Galway to the south of the country are listed on the regional services- south page.

Information about specific ways of travelling between Galway and Killarney follows.

Bus √Čireann

Bus Eireann are likely to offer the cheapest fares on a multi-stop journey like this:  You can purchase a one ticket which covers the entire journey.   (If you do this on-line, make sure that you select the Find All option.)

However the journey will include at least one change of bus, or two at some times of day: The fastest combination is route x51 between Galway and Limerick, and route 14 between Limerick and Killarney. But there are other services which may be better, depending on the time of day you want to travel.   The fastest journey time currently is approx 3 hours 40 minutes from Galway to Killarney, and 4 hours from Killarney to Galway.

An on-line adult return ticket at the time of writing is €20.19.

Choose "Options:  Find all" to buy Bus Eireann tickets between places without a direct connection

Private bus companies

CityLink operate an express service between Galway and Limerick (Henry Street). Journey time 1 hour 20 minutes. Adult on-line ticket return at time of writing is €12.35

Dublin Coach operate between Limerick (Arthur's Quay) and Killarney as part of their M7 Express service. Journey time of 1 hour 45 minutes. Adult on-line ticket return at time of writing is €20.

Whether these services can be used in combination to get a shorter journey time depends on the specific times you want to travel.   There is also a short walk (0.5km) between the two bus-stops in Limerick.


It is possible to travel between Galway and Killarney by train with Irish Rail. At the time of writing, the shortest journey time each way is 4 hours 45 minutes (includes 3 changes), and the on-line adult return fare is €38 (this can vary with more advance booking).